A Letter from the Border

1 min readFeb 3, 2024


I glanced upon you,

for the first time and the last,

at the old bookshop,

in my faraway hometown,

a week after which I had to

return to the warzone in uniform.

I’ve been at war- twice,

never in love.

It seems that my heart

fails to see the difference.

I’ve seen girls- fair, slim, curvy,

dark, red-headed, tall, pretty

Why is it that,

none of them can

Replace you?

Why can’t I stop

Thinking about you?

I wonder whether you think about me,

as often as I do about you

Perhaps not…

Perhaps you are unaware

of my existence

If that is the case,

Let this letter be

a testament to my


I am a soldier

posted at the border

of your beloved homeland.

I’ve killed humans,

saved a few.

Wear the same attire,

carry the same gun.

I’m not to grow a beard.

Nor am I supposed to

cry, write sentimental poems,

or speak with no bass.

Shall I write you letters?

Expect letters back?

Shall I keep an

old photo of yours

in my back pocket?

Shall I call you

by your name,

when you show up

in my dreams?

For this is how a soldier loves.

For this is all the love

a soldier has left.