The Astonishing Hypothesis

2 min readMay 3, 2022

The astonishing hypothesis in Psychology is focused on our materialistic brain giving rise to the kind of complex lives we live inside ourselves. What I’m more astonished by is how an instrumental arrangement by a musician, or the verbal whips of a poet, or a well-made film, outperform our brains in enhancing the intensity of these million incarnations we have inside.

How is it that something as simple as a collection of a couple of music notes, which is merely a manipulation of the vibrations of sound waves (Sorry if I ruined music for you 🙃) be so deep that it touches you to the core - you feel somehow understood and cared for, even though the stranger credited with the composition is no more familiar to you than your own face in a mirror –less world? Why is that when you read a book, you get transported into another place and time, or your soul melts in with that of the author? You read an elegant piece of poetry, and you are forced to stop after a line, take your eyes off the book, look around and see if the world has changed at least a little bit. You digest a colourful painting, and your minds are left to wander around in search of such beauty elsewhere in the world throughout the next few days. How come art is so powerful when it comes to messing with our minds?

With the science more advanced than ever before, we feel confident that we have finally found the key to manage human emotions, to trigger memories, to artificially create and eliminate the so-called feelings, to make people feel things out of the ordinary- but the fact is that we always had that key with us from the very beginning - and it doesn’t take up the space of an enormous room, and is never in the form of an electrical stimulator or a perfectly shaped tablet. Rather it is a piece of paper, few seconds of time, a splash of colours, an aroma of untouched book, a rhythmic flow of an angelic voice - all through which an indefinable energy oozes out. This divine obscurity penetrates your heart and leaves scars all over, or plant seeds, bloom blossoms inside, announce a civil war, cause a flood; How come art is so powerful when it comes to messing with our minds?