Psychology may not be the most difficult subject you can get your hands on. If you have a fundamental idea about biology and skills in high school mathematics, you can start right away. Obvious, a keen interest in the functioning of the human mind is a must. And previous encounters with philosophy is an added benefit. What I mean to say is that psychology is no rocket science. It is fairly easy to learn the basics of the field. But the difficulty lies in getting hold of reliable and scientifically accurate information.

Since the field of psychology discusses something so familiar to us; human behaviour, everyone has their own theories and ideas. But if all of them became part of the field, the study of psychology would have been a colossal mess and would have surely deviated from the scientific path. So, psychology can only adhere to its scientific roots by continuously checking the reliability of its sources.

With numerous universities coming forth with graduate and doctoral programmes in psychology, this problem is slowly being extinguished. However, for a person who hasn’t enrolled in any academic programmes, but still interested to learn more about the subject, is vulnerable to such frauds and faulty resources. So, let me introduce a shortcut to learning psychology — something that would truly help students who have opted psychology courses as well as those who would like to explore without any commitments.

Crash Course is a venture that makes education free and fun. This youtube channel has contents of all variety- from world history to artificial intelligence. The creators of Crash course has taken the contents from every possible subject and packed it in a nutshell. If you are into chemistry, or biology, or quantum physics, or even computer science, Crash Course has got you covered. And the experience of learning with Crash Course is simply out of this world, the best word to describe it would be ‘fun’. And with ‘thought café’, backing them up with their animation and graphic designs, the concepts that we have learnt from dull textbooks and misty blackboards will light up before our eyes. If I could suggest you just one Youtube channel, well, this would be it.

Crash Course also provides a series for psychology and it almost follows the exact syllabus pattern in Indian universities. The series is divided into 15 parts ranging from ‘history of psychology’ to ‘social psychology’, with a total of 40 episodes. The whole series might take about 10 hours to be completed. But it is still better than days and days in front of an old textbook. The concepts are explained in great detail and almost all topics are covered through the series. And the host of the show, oof… you just won’t be able to take your eyes off him. Hanks made the series even more fun with his nerdy look and quirky expressions. If you are really interested to learn the actual psychology and not ready to settle for the woodoos and charms, no need to think twice before boarding this train. And if you are a graduate student and would like to brush up your ‘psychology’ a bit, there is no better option. This is it guys, the easiest way to learn psychology, if not the best…

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